Trash & Recycling

Coastal Resources of Maine is an innovative waste/recycling processing plant that will recover sustainable resources from material placed in both recycling and waste streams. They have been contracted to process Orono residential trash and recycling. The Town of Orono will continue to contract with Pine Tree Waste for curbside collection of trash and recycling. No changes to the schedule will be made.

Latest news: Coastal Resources solid waste plant in Hampden up and running

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You have a household item to discard...

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textile bins located at Bells IGA, Thrift Shop and Landfill
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You have a household item to discard... what do you do with it? it RECYCLABLE?
Plastics (#1 & #2)
Cardboard (clean)
Cans (aluminum)
Recyclables go in your recycling bin to be picked up curbside by the Town of Orono and processed by Coastal Resources of Maine. Click to see a complete list of allowable materials it a TEXTILE?
Textiles can be donated to used goods locations like the Orono Thrift Shop, and coming soon around town: Textile Donation Bins it UNIVERSAL WASTE?
Batteries (lithium)
You can discard  these items at Electronics End in Brewer

...can it go to the LANDFILL?
Exercise equipment
Yard Waste
Landfill permits can be purchased at the Town Office. Yard waste is free to drop off at Landfill, but a permit is required. it HAZARDOUS WASTE?
Petroleum-based products
Oil Paint
Next Hazardous Waste Disposal Event: June 22, 2019, from 9am - 1pm at Old Town Transfer Station, 246 Gilman Falls Ave, Old Town
Click for more disposal options

...if the answer to all of these is NO, it is TRASH
Contaminated organics (paper plates, pizza boxes)
Packaging plastics
Plastics (#3 - #7)
Trash is picked up curbside by the Town of Orono and processed by Coastal Resources of Maine

Know the Trash Collection Schedule


Trash Pickup occurs weekly on the following schedule:
  • For the streets west of Main Street, from Gardner Road to Bennoch Road, trash pick-up is Thursdays.
  • For both sides of Main Street and all streets east of Main, including everything north of the Stillwater River (College Avenue, Webster side), trash pick-up is Fridays.
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On the following holidays, trash pick-up is delayed by one day (except when the holiday falls on the weekend): New Year's, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
Please have all items in containers and on your curb by 7am. 

Recycling Collection

The Town of Orono will be collecting recycled materials every other week, on your trash day, Thursday or Friday. As always, be sure to have your items placed curbside by 7:00 am on your collection day.